Selecting a CVR

  1. Choose a CVR geometry; rectangular or tubular.  This is usually determined by the shape of the conductor connecting to the CVR input.  The concentric tubular geometry is slightly less inductive inherent to the design.
  2. Choose your output connector: BNC (standard), SMA, TNC, N, etc.  Be mindful of your frequency response.
  3. Use Ohm’s Law to select your resistance value.
  4. Determine the energy or power the CVR will need to dissipate.  For pulsed applications that are not rep-rated this will be the joule rating, and for continuous applications this will be the wattage rating.  For rep-rated pulsed applications call to discuss energy dissipation.
  5. Now consider the CVR response characteristics you require: bandpass and risetime.  Note how the bandpass decreases and the risetime increases as the resistance value decreases.  This is ‘skin effect’ and cannot be compensated for.
  6. Now you are ready to navigate through the online catalog.  Renderings, dimensions, and performance specifications of the CVRs are joined to each model.  The resistance values in the catalog represent a range that are popular and may be in stock.  We can build any resistance that is between the catalog values.  Call for assistance.


        The standard tolerance of the resistance value is +/- 4%.  This is the tolerance the resistive element is built to.  The measurement of this resistance by our Kelvin Bridge is limited to a tolerance of +/- 0.2%.  This +/- 0.2% is the uncertainty of the value on the CVR label.  We provide ANSI-NCSL Z540-1-1994 traceable certification of this value in our 'Certificate of Conformance'.

         We offer tolerance upgrades of +/- 2% and +/- 1%.  Please specify this requirement in the comments box when submitting a 'Request a Quote'.  There is a price adder for these respective tolerance upgrades.


        The standard output connector is a 'BNC'.  We can adapt your connector preference to the input and output of most CVRs.  We also offer all English and Metric threads for input studs.  Please specify custom connector and stud preference in comment box.

Navigating the Products Page

        Click on the series you are interested in.  Click on the 'Specifications' bar. Click on the model for a dimensional drawing.  Fill in quantity and hit 'Add' for a quote.  When finished scroll up and hit 'Request a Quote' in blue box on right.  Fill in required information and submit.  We will respond by 1630 hrs. that day.