The company was incorporated in 1962 in New Mexico.  The ‘mother of invention’ was put in the path of two Sandia National Laboratory scientists who needed a low inductance, fast shunt.

The Current Viewing Resistor (CVR) was born.  We use the name CVR because ‘shunt’ is too generic.  Shunts do not typically have tested response characteristics such as bandpass, risetime, power and energy ratings, and resistance values to 9 decimal places with an uncertainty of 0.2%

Over the next 50+ years the company changed hands twice.  The current owner for the past 25 years has continued to improve and develop the product line and has added several new current measuring tools.

Mission Statement

T & M Research Products is narrowly focused and committed to being the global leader in one specific area of technology.  We design and build the best Current Viewing Resistors (CVR) in the world.

An uncompromising commitment to engineering excellence by our team insures our customers will receive a quality product designed to deliver the highest standards of performance and craftsmanship. 

Integrity and professional ethics guarantee a product that has no designed obsolescence and should provide reliable and repeatable data indefinitely while operating within design parameters.

The bottom line; we listen to our customers and foster a partnership with them to assure that all their current sensing requirements are addressed.  Only then can T & M Research offer a viable solution that is effective and efficient.

We are a small company with limited resources and rather than compete for a market share in multiple areas of voltage and current diagnostics we decided to be the authority in just one, the Current Viewing Resistor

Please visit this page, listing some of our satisfied customers.  You will recognize more than a few companies and you may have worked with a couple yourself.  Thanks for reading this and give us a call, you won’t be disappointed.


T & M Research insures quality by doing everything in house.  We have a full complement machine shop with CNC technology, metal fabrication equipment, welding and brazing room, and metrology lab.  Our calibration equipment has N.I.S.T. traceability and this certification is documented on our conformance certificate.  All designs are built by our technicians and machinists.

This control guarantees our standard of performance and craftsmanship and reduces lead time for our customers.  Eliminating the outsourcing work improves our cost of sale resulting in a fair and competitive product price for our customers.

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